President of the Baltic Futsal League Boriss Shipunov gave his commentary on the latest news which the Futsal world of the Baltic States is talking about today.

Boriss, the official website of the BFL published a statement of the League about the postponement of the second season start to April.

Yes, really, such a decision has been made. We are very serious about the safety and health of all participants in the sports process. We monitor the situation in all regions and after careful analysis we decided to postpone the start of the season to April. There are a number of factors I’d like to mention: firstly, our main task is to ensure that the clubs get international playing practice, and secondly, not to disrupt the clubs’ plans in the national competitions.

Due to the frankly crumpled year 2020 by coronavirus, all calendars – both UEFA and national Championships – are now so frequently changed and so uncertain that we simply have no right to create additional stress for the clubs, as well as to worry the federations and international organizations with our pragmatic activity. We are ready to start before April, but for this, the epidemiological situation must get back to normal.

How did you make this decision?

From the sporting point of view it wasn’t easy, because a lot of work has been done and everybody is ready to challenge each other strength on the parquet. From the near- sporty point of view this is life, it’s a process and we continue to work and try not to waste our time, but to become a little bit better in every way.

What could serve as an earlier start to the second season?

It’s international calendar and reducing the incidents of coronavirus in the regions where the League matches are held.

How long will it take to organize the start if the situation improves? 

We have already get preliminary agreements with all our partners, therefore we can start within 2-3 weeks without any extra efforts.

Will there be any changes in the format of the BFL Championship because of the calendar shift?

We keep up with the times and what is happening around us. There is a “backup” format for the Baltic Futsal League, but we can talk about it separately, if we decide to use it.

Will the clubs’ wishes to change the format be taken into account?

Reasonable dialogue with all interested in the Futsal development has always been,  is and  will be. The clubs’ positions are very important for us , it gives us the opportunity to make informed decision.

How will the League function during the forced pause?

We always have something to do. In addition the actual organization of competitions there are many problems and tasks that should be solved. And don’t forget that after the season 2020/2021 the next one is looking through.