BCFL League: Before the start

The first promo tournament of Baltic Cyberfutsal League is about to start today. Representatives of participating clubs shared their opinions about upcoming project.

Valeri Smelkov, player of Narva United

Baltic Cyberfutsal League is undoubtfully very attractive project, especially in current situation when it’s impossible to face each other on the field. So I found this idea in a positive way, I’m glad to represent Narva United in this fun tournament. Unfortunately, I don’t have big experience in playing FIFA Volta but I suppose I can adapt during the process. I hope Internet connection won’t let me down. 


Alexander Dmitriev, manager of Narva United

Unfortunately, it was difficult to organize our players for participating in Baltic Cyberfutsal League, so I had to improve my skills which were forgotten 20 years ago and trained in FIFA Volta Football. We will see what comes up, but I’m very excited to feel fighting spirit and futsal passion in our hard quarantine time. I don’t any experience of gaming but it’s interesting to take part in tournament, I hope to join long-term official league either. 

I suppose, probably I will be the oldest participant of tournament. I don’t have a possibility to go out onto the futsal field to demonstrate my level in real Baltic Futsal League, but I’ll take my chance to represent Narva United in BCFL.


Roman Ananev, player of AGIO FM

I have an experience of playing cyberfutsal, I had played with my friends. It’s very interesting for me to take part in Baltic Cyberfutsal League and its promo tournaments. But I don’t think that cyberfutsal will be popular when the real futsal will come back. 


Artem Komashko, player of AGIO FM

I don’t have an experience in playing FIFA Volta Football but I’m gladly taking on this challenge. Organizers did a nice job, it’s a great idea during pandemic.  

I’m not a professional cyber player, so I can’t assume anything about development of this project. Time will tell! 


Darius Gurskis, president of FK Vytis

I was excited about the idea to play in cyberfutsal in such difficult time. Of course, it would be great to watch games live but I hope we will come to this when the official league will start. We will see how cyberfutsal will develop next – there are a lot of technical standards to regulate. Also I’d like to see my club on the virtual field instead of Barcelona but in the present circumstances I will cheer for the person who played on console in our uniform.