BCFL news

Dear Friends!

We’ve got two bits of news and both are good: first of all we have already received over 50 applications for participation in cyberfutsal promo tours from enthusiasts to battle in virtual space. Among them there is a half dozen of those who we’ll be able to allow to these tournaments, namely the current BFL players who will represent their clubs. Only after the competitions with their participation starts we’ll consider the possibility of a mass cyberfutsal tournament to determine the strongest one in the absolute category.

Secondly, we haven’t expected it but several companies have contacted us at once that are ready to provide their services to ensure the technical component of the BCFL project. We are very glad to have such cooperation, but we need to choose a company which will meet all our requirements and expectations. This choice also has to be promising, as the BCFL project could and should become one of the calling cards of our League!

Consequently the time to explore thoroughly the possibilities of our IT partners has clearly increased and  we have to move the start date of the official promo tournaments between the BFL players a little further. The test competitions are in full swing and we’ll soon get to start.

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