Boriss Shipunov: BCFL is a new stage of our progress

The two-month break in Baltic Futsal League competition is coming to the end. As we announced before, futsal is waiting for the world premiere soon: the whole sport will be moved into virtual space by the efforts of our league. This project has all chances to stay in focus of the fans, partners and players’ attention for a long time. President of BFL shared his opinion about it.

– First of all, how do you rate the four-month period of active real futsal in the first season of Baltic Futsal League?

– It’s easy: time has shown that footballers want to play in our league and fans want to watch them. What could be better? Moreover, the audience of baltic futsal community is growing. We are satisfied.

– What do you think about organization of the games in that period?

– It was quite professional. Of course, there are some things to improve and aims we’d like to achieve, so our team is already working for innovations.

– What needs to be improved in the interaction between League and the clubs in the second BFL season?

– Clubs are the integral parts of the project creation, that will be interesting for the fans, partners and finally for the athletes. Participants of the first season got used to that idea. Now we need to move forward and improve our work, for example, through revitalization of every club’s press office. The more information – the more attention. It’s a win-win situation.  

– How shocked it was for you to understand that the first season could remain unfinished?

– Life and wellness are the most important things. Of course, there is no shock at all. We are ready for  any scenario and, as I said before, we are already preparing to the next season. If we won’t be able to finish current season in appropriate time, we will be ready to bring clubs together to sum up the results of season 19/20. 

– What ideas came to mind about filling in the forced pause?

– The idea about cyberfutsal came to mind instantly.  

– You mean within BFL?

– We knew that we will launch cyberfutsal project before. We intended to start it before the upcoming season but time has taken some steps of its own and we will see virtual battles of our favorite sport in May!  

– What you have had to do for instant and completed filling the pause with the help of cyberfutsal?  

– We have our own fully professional team. Also we interact with Russian Cyberfootball Federation. On my mind, this collaboration will bring us an excellent result. 

– What are your expectations about the BCFL? How it could be unpredictable for the organizers? 

– Of course, it’s a new stage of a new project’s progress. I believe, BCFL will be unpredictable enough in the good way. As I can say, the expectations are positive. 

– How League’s media resources will be organized during BCFL?

– League will be working in a usual way. All media resources will highlight the BCFL’s events to the maximum extent. 

– How do you think when League will restart its offline work and what will be with the first season’s finishing?

– We are waiting for the news from different countries, approximately by the end of May we will have all necessary information. After that we will communicate with the clubs and with all involving organizations and then will make a decision. I’d like to notice that we have a desire to finish the season and identify the winner not on the paper but on the field. 

– What are your plans on the BFL second season about participating teams and dates?

– I’d like to talk about it a little bit later as we are in the active process of planning. I can say that the amount of clubs and games will be growing. I hope that the game level will be growing either and it will bring more fans to the arenas and to our media resources.