Head coach of TFK Rezekne Aigars Bondars, who had replaced Vitalijs Voskans on this position recently, told about preparation to the game with Tallinn’s Cosmos on the Matchday 5 of BFL.

It will be your coaching debut in the BFL on Saturday. Do you plan some changes in roster or in tactics comparing with how team played when Vitalijs Voskans was in charge?

There would be a roster similar to our last games in Latvian’s league, maybe a few changes. Due to the short time since I headed the team there would be no significant changes. Maybe just some players combinations in quartets.

What do you know about Cosmos? Have you examined your opponents yet?

As I heard Cosmos took the first place in current season of Estonian championship, also I know that Latvian specialist Matrjonin has worked there. It’s a fast-moving team, they have their advantages and disadvantages as any futsal team. It won’t be an easy game.

TFK Rezekne still have no points in the standings of BFL. Do you feel some pressure about it or it’s an additional motivation for you?

It’s just an additional motivation for us, we are determined to get a win on Saturday. We have defeated RABA 6:1 in our last home game, I think it will enhance self-confidence for our young players.