Player of AGIO FM Pavel Fitsev about upcoming games with FC Petrow and Vytis and about attitude on Baltic Futsal League’s games.

Just three games of Baltic Futsal League left and in two of them you will face teams from the top of the standings. Victories in these two games will almost make you champions, is there any additional pressure because of that?

I don’t feel any worries personally. Everybody understands that these two games are decisive in the battle for the champions title. We got points in Minsk by winning the main favorite of the tournament. We were worried then.  We definitely can play against FC Petrow and Vytis and we need to beat them because our goal is champions title. 

What do you know about FC Petrow? Have you already studied your next opponent? 

I know about FC Petrow not much yet, somebody watched their games. I know they are leaders of Latvian league and it means something. We will have practice on Friday, we plan to study them in details. 

Does your attitude before BFL games differ from attitude on Stepanov League’s games? 

Yes, there are differences. Unfortunately BFL games took place only once in a month and we are looking forward to it, that’s why we have different attitude. Moreover, BFL is more intriguing tournament. Also it’s more interesting to take part in it because every opponent is new for us.