Pregame speech: Maksim Babjak. Coaching stuff analyzed FC Petrow’s game

Player of Cosmos Maksim Babjak speaks about preparations to Sunday’s game with FC Petrow and confessed that any place in the standings will be the success for his team in the end of the season.
About preparations to the game with FC Petrow
Our coaching staff analyzed FC Petrow’s games. Preparations to upcoming game were depended on their strong sides and weak sides. We constantly practicing, working on finishing. 
About international break
There were not enough practices with our national team, so it was much difficult to get ready to the game than training with my team for the regular season game. Sometimes I have to practicing by myself in the free time.
About goals on the upcoming BFL games
There’s a goal to show good coherent futsal in every game and to gain experience with strong opponents. Speaking of position in the standings, as a player I can say that every place will be successful because BFL is a new league for us, new opponents and much different level of the game.