Pregame speech: Maksim Sen speaks about preparations for the game with Tallinn’s Cosmos

Player of FC Petrow Maksim Sen speaks about preparations for the game with Tallinn’s Cosmos on Matchday 4 of the Baltic Futsal League.

Preparations for the game with Cosmos are under way. We have won a semi-final of Latvian Cup this week, it was one of the stages of our training plan for the Sunday’s game. We have yet to have two training sessions, also we plan to learn our opponents by watching some videos. It will help us to understand what to expect on Sunday. It’s quite good that they will have one more game on Saturday, maybe we can get their video and will analyze their last game.

It’s a little bit difficult to get used to club futsal after international break. There’s much more professional attitude in the national team because you spend all your time there, you have more trainings and comfortable environment. Returning to the club you also returning to the work, because majority of us (maybe even everybody) have their regular jobs. But as I said before, we had one game already and we will have two practices, so I think we will get into a training rhythm and everything will be alright.

Our goal for the last part of the season is to win every game. We will what happens next. It’s not likely some clubs which wanted to achieve something will set other goals. It’s clear that AGIO FM and Stalitsa are favorites but first of all we need to win in remaining games, and it will be difficult either, we understand it. I wish to be as high in the standings as possible, but we hadn’t have a goal to be the third or the forth team by the end of the season. We have wanted to be the first but we haven’t seen AGIO FM or Stalitsa back then.