Baltic Futsal Marketing is interested in the current status quo of the BFL member clubs.  The second season is not too far away (its start depends entirely on the epidemiological situation in Europe) and so any news from the camp of our old friends will be helpful.  General Manager of the Minsk “Stalitsa” Andrey Medvedev shared with the public his thoughts on the first part of the Belarusian Championship, the quality of futsal, transfer policy of the club and even about the extension of contracts with foreign players.

Andrey, how do you appreciate the results of the regular part of the Championship in general?Certainly, the regular Championship is important as its results have an impact on those factors that may become decisive in the play-offs   – this is a home court advantage and potentially weaker opponents in each round as well. At the same time the regular Championship doesn’t give a definite answer to the question of who will be the Champion at the end of the season. Moreover, the winning team of the regular season did not always become the Champion – only three times out of seven seasons with the play-offs.  This fact once again shows that the decisive matches will be in May.

What can you say about the game? Does the quality correspond to the third place in the table or the team should be higher?

The quality of the game is really not satisfying. Yes, sometimes we play brightly against the teams from the second half, but in matches against our direct opponents not everything is possible and not always. Definitely, there is a lot to improve both coaching staff and the players.

Two scoring players left for a long time: Mikhail Gritsyna and Vladimir Zhigalko. Would their presence help to improve the result?

The task of these players is to transform the game advantage into goals, use the chances and made the difference. It’s bad when there is no one player , but when there are no two at once – it restricts the attacking potential of the team very much.  If the coaching and medical staffs can  bring them to the peak of their form at the right time, I’m sure – each of them will lead the team to victory.

Many people noted the cool atmosphere in the team. What has changed the microclimate?

I’m very cautious about this term. A great atmosphere in the locker room is a great merit of our coach Dmitriy Kameko. But the atmosphere itself doesn’t give a result. You need a combination of factors in which the atmosphere is only one of the components.

Recently Lisakovich transferred to “Isloch”. Will you comment it, please?

Yes, indeed Dima wasn’t mentally ready for futsal.  For all his talents and prospects he was on a big field. Probably that’s what prevented him to open up and earn the coach trust and become a basic player. In any case I would like to wish Dima good luck in big football!

Was there any interest in the other players of the club? By the way, are you going to renew contracts with anybody or are you waiting for the end of the season?

So there were circumstances that we made the transfer of Lisakovich and there was no interest in other players. As far as the contracts are concerned,  some players have  long-term contracts , but some will have to prove during the season  that they are able to give  a lot to the club and the club desperately needs them.

Earlier “Stalitsa” surprised with transfers in the pause between rounds, and now it’s silence.

We were looking for, working through different markets and different options. But together with the head coach we decided to place a bet on the existing foreign players. And unfortunately, the limit doesn’t allow us to be flexible. 

What awaits us at the end of the season?

My forecast of futsal weather – May will be hot.

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