Baltic futsal in an antiviral mask

Let’s see how complicated the situation is in the Baltic countries, and when we can expect the Championships resumption: the notorious coronavirus infection took over futsal in 2020 once again. At present the season is going on only in Lithuania.

The matches of the preliminary round of the Champions League and the draw that followed were in fact the last bright events in the Baltic futsal world this calendar year. The Latvian Football Association shortly after the match between FC Petrow and Slovakian Lucenec which ended in an offensive defeat in extra time announced the suspension of the season for an indefinite period. No certain dates of the Championship resumption were announced, but since the state of emergency in the country has been imposed until the 11th of January then before that time there is no reason to talk about the return of futsal. According to the players, many of them officially went on Christmas vacation and even training takes place in a gentle mode – for maintaining fitness.  Thus, the year 2020 ended for futsal of Latvia on the 8th of December, after the match of the national team with Spaniards in the first round of the qualifying tournament for the European Championship. The Latvians were expected to be defeated by an obvious favorite 0:7, although they showed a good game at some moments.

The similar scenario is in Estonia: the Championship was interrupted because of pandemic, and the futsal fans have nothing to expect this year. It’s planned that the season will resume on January, 6 and with a high-profile match: Tallinn’s Cosmos will host Viimsi Smsraha as a part of the fifth round. Remind that the teams haven’t lost any points yet and they share the first place in the standings. Due to the large number of postponed matches January should be very tense: teams will have to play practically each 3-4 days.  For example, the sixth round starts on January,8; the postponed match of the fourth round  between Sillamae Silmet and Narva United  is scheduled on January, 13; and on January, 16 the teams will play matches of the seventh round. The Estonian analog of the British boxing day will be decisive in many ways for the distribution of places in the regular championship, since it is in January that head-to-head games of favorites are expected: in this period of time FC Cosmos and Smsraha will play their h2h games, and Narva is going to trip to Tallinn and Viimsi.

At the end of 2020 only the Lithuanian teams will please their fans with futsal matches, at least there are no plans to interrupt the championship in this country. According to the president of Vytis,  Darius Gurskis , all clubs’ actions are approved by the Federation and that one acts on the recommendation of the supervisory authorities. Till the end of this calendar year in Lithuania two rounds are still to be played – on December 19 and 29, and the first matches in 2021 are scheduled on January,2. In the standings a dual power remains: the permanent national champion Vytis from Kaunas and Vip from Mazeikiai gained 12 points each in four matches, and their head-to-head game was postponed because of a well-known reason. It’s worth noting that the club from Kaunas kept three clean sheets in three of these matches: 4:0 against Gagrzdu Pramogos, 5:0 against Akmene  and  4:0 against Turbotransfers.