Estonian futsal: virus attacks the national championship

We continue to cover the Estonian championship. The last round was supposed to have a significant impact on the team ranking in the table, but the notorious virus messed all things up – due to the quarantine in two clubs only  half of  the planned meetings took place.

Last week sad news came from Narva: two of United’s football-players  tested positive for coronavirus, as a result of which, according to the medical protocol of the championship, the team in full had to go to a  two-week quarantine. Since the last opponent of Narva was Tartu Maximum, then they had to take a forced pause as well. So the Tartu derby is postponed to November, 30.  

“We have two confirmed coronavirus cases in our club – one case – in the main team, another – in the double one. Accordingly, everyone who attended our match of the second round,  has been sent to quarantine until the end of next week. Narva United will miss the next two rounds, then we’ll take the regular tests, and in the absence of ill people we’ll go on the championship” – Narva United’s President Alexander Dmitrijev told us.

Nevertheless the situation is not critical yet: “There is no threat of stopping the championship yet. Probably, in the future the situation will develop in a similar scenario: if infection occurs somewhere then a team in full is sent to quarantine together with the opponent of the last match and their next games are postponed to another date.” 

According to Alexander, the match with Viimsi Smsraha in any case would have been postponed to a later date because of the severe epidemiological situation in Narva. “Our hall is closed as the epidemic in the city is developing quite rapidly: this time it is higher than in the whole country. Because of this on the instructions of the Estonian Health Department all sports facilities in Narva were closed, all sections and training sessions were suspended, secondary schools were forced to switch to distant learning, except junior pupils. So the match with Viimsi in Narva won’t certainly have taken place even if we hadn’t had any infected people. Let’s see how the situation develops. Perhaps, our gym will be closed for longer than two weeks, but later we have a  scheduled trip so we still hope to continue the championship according the schedule. A new date of the game with “Viimsi” has been already agreed, we hope to play on December, 2. The match of the next round with Sillamae Silmet hasn’t postponed yet, but it won’t take place for sure because it is scheduled for Saturday but until that day we do not even have the opportunities for training.”

In the absence of Narva and Viimsi Tallinn’s Cosmos took the sole first place in the standings, with a home victory over Kokhila (5:2). The capital club showed a 100% result in the first three matches of the championship. Since the fourth round match against Tartu Maksimum” won’t take place for obvious reasons, so Viimsi Smsraha will be the next opponent of Cosmos and it will be the first serious challenge for the Tallinn football-players this season. 

In the second match of the reporting round Sillamae Silmet  won big over Rummu Dunamo (12:6) and secured the title of the most productive team in the League. In three matches with Silmet 48 goals were scored (goal difference is 25:23)  and if the coaches may be satisfied with the game attack,  the defense really needs some work.  More than the club from Sillamae only Rummu Dunamo (34) missed, which has been still having serious difficulties with the game at the highest level.  However an excuse for the championship debutant may be a difficult calendar at the start – in the first three rounds Dunamo had to play with two favorites of the current season Cosmos and Viimsi.