Futsal – 2021. Coronavirus has led to a collapse in belgium

In the 2019/20 season many futsal championships couldn’t get a logical conclusion because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which peaked last spring. According to Baltic Futsal Marketing company there are no prerequisites for a mass cancellation of competitions this season, however this week it became known about the first precedent.

The big negative news was spread earlier this week. The Belgian Football Association held a meeting of the crisis group to counter the consequences of COVID-19, which unanimously decided to cancel all semi-professional tournaments of the 2020/21 season for  men’s and women’s teams. This means that the champion and the Belgian Futsal Cup winner in the current season won’t be revealed.  “This decision was the only possible one in the light of the current health measures to combat the spread of COVID-19”, – the Association said in an official press-release. Nevertheless, despite the rather strict ban on the continuation of futsal competitions, the Belgian Association didn’t follow the dead-end path of its colleagues from England, announcing a number of measures aimed at supporting futsal clubs in the country and the sport in general.

“COVID-19 has a great negative influence on the development of football, at this time hundreds of thousands of players can’t engage in their favorite sport, and  the organizational and financial consequences for clubs  are literal disaster. KBVB is well aware of the difficult financial situation, in which the clubs find themselves, so it will cancel any fees indefinitely, until the competitions can be resumed again. Thus at present time the total package of support for clubs from KBVB is already about 8 million euros since the beginning of the pandemic” –the Association declared.

According to the Association’s decision, the results of all matches played this season will be annulled and accordingly the champion won’t be determined, as well as the teams that will be promoted or relegated in the class. Details of how the Royal Football Association of Belgium is going to determine the participant of Futsal Champions League next season, have not yet been followed as well as the criteria by which this choice will be made.