Stepan Chernousov: “We wait for 2020 to finally over and hope for a bright futsal future in 2021”

Last Saaliliiga’s matchday was cancelled and Estonian teams are waiting for the further information about the season. We told with manager of FC Cosmos Stepan Chernousov about the rescheduled games and overall epidemiological situation in Estonia.

Last weekend in Estonia the sixth round of the championship was to take place but it was completely postponed to a later date. Is it known why the game was cancelled?

On Friday we were informed that our match won’t take place and we tried to find out the reasons of its cancellation, but we didn’t get a prompt response. Later it became known there was an ill person at the Cup match last week and it caused the postponement of the game. I don’t know why the other matches of this round were postponed, we have no information at all. The only concrete thing is that next week the Estonian Football Federation will decide whether the championship will be continued or it should be paused for some time.

According to your personal feelings: will the championship be interrupted?

Currently we have a stable disease cases – 400-500 people, the indicator has been based on these figures for a long time. If everybody is healthy, then we need to continue, of course. But possibly we’ll be sent on a self- isolation break for 2 or 3 weeks and after  New Year the season will resume. Let’s see how it works, if  isolation gives a result, probably it will be used as a starting point for making further decisions.

Are there any hard restrictions at the government level?

Not yet, on Thursday there was a Government meeting but it was fine. Children’s groups continue to work in the format  of ten people and a coach. Оn Saturday the children’s tournament took place, therefore everything is ok. Now only the Football Federation can accept some bans, that’s why the new week will be decisive in many ways.

I know there is a possibility of closing the halls.

Yes, in particular such problem exists in Narva. United can’t play not because of someone is ill, but because their home arena is closed. I heard they were going to host opponents in Sillamae, but this plan didn’t work either. Fortunately the halls in Tallinn are still opened. 

It turns out that Cosmos trains like always?

Yes, both children’s and adult training sessions are held according to a set schedule. If some has any problems it’s immediately noted. We strictly regulate the number of people at the classes to avoid being in the hall more than 10 people simultaneously excluding a coach. 

A lot of games have been already postponed to January. How difficult will it be to keep physically such a busy schedule?

There’s nothing wrong with that, as we have a large number of players and we are still  hungry for futsal. Therefore there will definitely be no problems  in this regard,

Let’s speak about more pleasant topic. Cosmos has confidently started the season while going undefeated. How do you evaluate the starting period?

It’s important to mention that we haven’t played with our direct opponents yet, and this can partly explain the 100% result at the season’s start. Nevertheless it seems that we are improving from match to match, a certain pattern of the game is already being drawn and the guys have a better understanding of what the coaches want from them. Next games on the schedule should show what we are worth: the matches with Narva United and Viimsi Smsraha will be determining. But in any case the play-offs will put things right, the regular championship has a “pull-in” meaning before the end of the season. Moreover in the past ten years the regular season winner has only been a champion once.

In the Estonian Cup everything is also going well so far.

Yes, on last Wednesday we played the Cup match with “Rummu Dunamo” and set a unique achievement, scoring the oldest goal of the tournament: four-time Estonian champion Ilya Krivoshein played the first game after a long break, he missed the whole year, and assisted to Yuri Amosov. At the time of the match they were 84 years old combined, guys had a lot of fun after the game about this. Now we expect the draw, but it is still unknown when it will be held, because one match of the 1/16 finals has not been played yet.

We don’t lose hope to launch the second season of the Baltic Futsal League in spite of the growing complexity of the epidemiological situation in Europe. Are you discussing the start of an international tournament within the team?

Of course, we are waiting for the start of the BFL season, but at the same time we try to look at the situation objectively. So far, both Europe and our closest neighbors are not doing very well, but we try to approach the situation optimistically. I will say this: we are waiting for 2020 to be over, we will finish it with delight and hope that in 2021 we will have a good bright futsal future.