Last week, the youth training camp “Futsal Tramplin” completed its first shift, which was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Estonia, the Baltic Futsal League (BFL) and the National Futsal League of Spain (LNFS).

For 6 days, students of the football schools of Tallinn and Narva were trained under observation of specialists who were instructed by Miguel Andres Moreno, the former coach of the famous, most titled European club “Barcelona” and the Spanish national futsal team. On the final day, which the organizers of the camp moved to the comfortable Viimsi Sports Hall, Miguel Andres awarded memorable diplomas and gifts to the children who, in his opinion, were the most diligent in completing the set program. The boys from the football schools of Narva, the Tallinn’s “Ararat”, “Legion” and the futsal club “Cosmos” received small balls from the hands of a world-famous specialist, which can not be considered just as a simple gifts. This is a hint of hard work with such balls, which give an opportunity to improve their technical skills.

In addition, all the coaches who took part in the seminar and conducted a constant dialogue with its host – Miguel Andres – were awarded certificates that confirm the completed course of lectures on improving the training process in football and futsal.

At the end of this important event in the sports life of the country, the President of the Baltic Futsal League Boriss Shipunov and the sports director of FC Cosmos and the training camp “Futsal Tramplin” Valery Chumachenko said that the organizers do not intend to stop there: we are waiting for new interesting projects that will help students of not only Estonian, but also most football schools of the Baltic countries to feel the real benefits of futsal for the growth of skills of young players. So, this October U-17 futsal challenger tournaments will start in several Baltic countries at once, the winners of which will be able to represent their countries in the “Final Eight”, which will be held in Toledo, Spain, from May 13 to 16, 2022!