The last week of August became a real holiday for the students of the football schools of Tallinn and Narva: in Marjamaa, town is 60 km from Tallinn, a training camp “Futsal Tramplin” was held. It was organized by the Baltic Futsal League and the National Futsal League of Spain (LNFS). Almost 70 children divided in four groups were practicing for several days in the gym and on the football field. They were trained according to the methods that are practiced in Spain by the most successful clubs of the country. 

The National Futsal League of Spain was represented by the famous specialist Miguel Andres Moreno, who, together with the top-level teams of the Spanish league, has repeatedly became the champion of the country and the winner of the most prestigious European cups. During the training camp, Miguel Andres held a four-day seminar for coaches representing several Estonian football and futsal clubs. 

He paid the great attention with which the coaches reacted to his lectures and predicted a good future for Estonian futsal, which is being developed in this Baltic country by such enthusiasts as the president of FC Cosmos and the head of the Baltic Futsal League, Boriss Shipunov, the general manager of Narva United, Alexander Dmitrijev, as well as specialists from Moscow and Riga who took part in the organization of the training camp. 

Today, the “Futsal Tramplin” expresses its great gratitude to the National Futsal League of Spain for its support and attention to Estonian youth who want to develop in the professional football. 

We looking forward to new meetings with new people from the world of the big game! Thanks so much!