A.Dmitrijev: “Participation in Estonian Supercup was absolutely unexpected event for us”

The futsal season in Estonia officially started with the match for the Super Cup where current champion Viimsi Smsraha beat Narva United (6:1), which hadn’t planned to fight for this trophy. We asked United’s president Alexander Dmitriev to tell us why this happened and also we talked about the traditional preseason tournament, which was held in Narva for the 13th consecutive year. 

Tell us about the game for the Estonian Super Cup. As far as I know, this match wasn’t included in the preparations for the season, and the participation in it was completely unplanned? 

That’s right, our participation in the Super Cup wasn’t planned, because we finished with third place, and according to the regulations winner of the unfinished season 2019/20 Viimsi Smsraha and silver medalist Sillamae Alexela supposed to face each other. Practically before the start of the championship, the board of Alexela notified the league that they wouldn’t take part in the upcoming season, and three days after this information was distributed, the Estonian Football Union informed us that we should prepare for the match, as the last year’s bronze medalist. Thus, we were informed that we are going to play for the Super Cup two weeks before the game, and we were unprepared for it. We made our preseason plans based on the start date of the regular season, preparing for the opponents that should face us in the first rounds. But we were forced to play against the strongest club of Estonia from scratch, which was in fit because they prepared to the Champions League since August. 

Despite the negative result, have you managed to bear any positive outcome from such a spontaneous start of the season?

We will certainly sort out all the mistakes with our coach, we will discuss them with guys, we will think how to fix them, so we will be more prepared for the home game with Viimsi in the third round. Our team has been refreshed by 75 percent, including five newcomers from Alexela, and now we are at the stage of forming the necessary combinations and learning a number of tactical nuances. It’s very difficult to fit the players into a pattern that isn’t familiar to them, but we have been able to look their actions in the game with tough opponent, it allows us to make some conclusions to improve the quality of our game. 

Besides the Super Cup, last weekend Narva United took part in the home preseason tournament, which was held for the 13th consecutive time. Share your impressions of it. 

The tournament took place last Sunday and if in previous years it had international status, this time for obvious reasons only Estonian teams participated in it: Narva United, Narva United-2, Ganza from Narva, Cosmos from Tallinn and Silmet from Sillamae, which took place of Alexela in the Saaliliiga. The tournament turned out to be unpredictable, we had some difficulties, but we tied the game with our youth team, and got to the semi-final from the first place where we faced Ganza. Unfortunately, by the start of semi-finals many of our players were injured or had to leave because it was a Sunday evening and many had to go to work. As a result, we were playing with six players and were unable to beat our opponent by losing in a penalty series. In the third place game we faced Silmet, who lost his semi-final to Cosmos, and beat them 3:1. In the final match Cosmos confidently defeated Ganza and became the winner of the Narva Futsal Cup 2020.   

Can you say that Narva United is 100% ready for the season?

In this case, it’s impossible to be 100 percent ready. The team’s roster was completed a few weeks ago, and a few sparrings were played only last week, but now we can start to work on some details that we did not cover when the team was not fully formed. We will start the championship with two away games, and we will improve from opponent to opponent. We hope that season won’t be interrupted due to coronavirus, and all the most interesting events will take place in the playoffs in February and March. And, of course, we look forward to the start of the Baltic Futsal League season!