B. Shipunov: Key to Start!

The futsal season in Europe is gaining momentum, with less than a month remaining before the Baltic clubs start in the preliminary round of the Champions League. The second season of the Baltic Futsal League is just around the corner. In anticipation of this event, we approached the President of the League, Boriss Shipunov, with a number of actual questions. 

The Baltic countries, Belarus and Russia, as well as the Scandinavians, have already entered the new season, despite the epidemiological situation. Does it mean that the second season of the BFL will start as planned?

We are living in a time when it’s not always possible to talk about plans without mistakes in it: different countries are dealing with epidemiological crisis in different ways. However, we are ready for any unexpected scenarios, so, yes, the second season of the BFL will start as planned.

What factors have positively influenced the decision to start, despite the fact of clubs’ tight calendars of national championships?

The most important factors are the desire of the clubs to have a full experience at the international level and our willingness to assist them in this regard. 

If the situation with closed borders continues, will we expect a change in the membership of the League?

I’m sure list of the clubs will be stable throughout the tournament. The calendar provides for reserved dates, and the format of away games minimizes the risk of cancelling any matches.

How this format of away games will work?

The calendar is prepared bearing in mind both club wishes and logistical benefits. For example, teams will have some paired away games in cities which close to each other.

Is the participation of Estonian teams in the second season of the BFL resolved?

For our part, all the nuances of international regulations have been taken into account and no rule has been violated. Shortly we will see how it’s combined with the strategy accepted by the Estonian Football Union.

The first season received positive reviews for the quality of broadcasts and social media coverage. Should we wait for the some marketing innovations in the second season?

If in the first test season we were collecting data and analyzing it, now marketing is our priority. Our goal and task is not just to conduct the competition, but also to make it attractive to advertising partners. In addition, we will also assist clubs in engaging partners in their regions. So marketing novelties and innovations will necessarily be the part of our work.