Champions League: Kaunas didn’t want to give up

Lithuanian “Vitys” finished its performances in the UEFA Champions League properly, losing to the Russian team “Gazprom-Ugra” in Lyubertsy near Moscow with a score 0:3. Baltic Futsal marketing analyzes the performance of the BFL representative in the current Euro- campaign.

Lithuanian futsal fans have something to be proud of: their club not only once again becomes the first in the unofficial ranking between the strongest teams of the Baltic States, but also in general worthily represented its country in the most prestigious club competition of the Old World. After victories over the Swedish “Hammarby” (3:1) and German “Hohenstein- Ernsttal” (2:0) in the previous rounds of the Champions League,  the Lithuanian players were not under pressure for the match result in Russia. “Vitys” President Darius Gurskis  also spoke about it before the match. “We are in a fighting mood; we have absolutely nothing to lose, so we don’t feel the slightest tension. This is a top-16 match and we’ve earned the right to be here, therefore we’ll play at our own pleasure, with a smile on our faces. But at that time “Vitys” wasn’t going to give up on the recent winner of the Champions League before the match: “Our tasks for this Champions League season are completed, but it doesn’t mean we won’t fight, because the appetite comes with eating”. – Gurskis said before the match.

And the President of “Vitys” didn’t deceive: the Kaunas club expectedly chose the game strategy as the second number, acting compactly in defense and counting    on its chances in counterattacks. If luck had been more favorable to the guests, they might even have opened the score. “We were not the favorites in this match and we clearly understood that we should act as disciplined as possible and stick to the game’s plan. We had a good opportunity to score first, when we got the right to a 10-meter shot, but we didn’t manage to realize this chance. In a way, this moment can be called a key one, I think it had a psychological impact on the guys. Moreover, right after that “Ugra” used its moment and took the lead.”- Gurskis shared his impressions after the match. “ It is very difficult to win back against such a great team as “Gazprom- Ugra”,”- Gurskis continues. “When they scored first, they felt confidence and became much more relaxed. We tried to play our own game, create chances, even hit the bar twice, but it wasn’t enough to achieve a positive result”.

It’s worth noting that some of the excuses for “Vitys” defeat may be the difficult journey to Russia: the team got to the Moscow region by bus, in total the Kaunas club spent about 24 hours on the road. Due to the complex pass system the football-players had to spend seven hours on the border with Russian, and according to the club’s employee, at one moment it seemed that they won’t be able to cross it at all and the match would be on the verge of breakdown. Fortunately, such a force majeure managed to avoid. Such details could hardly have a direct impact on the final result, but such a difficult way, at least, didn’t add forces to the Lithuanian team.

Despite the fact that “Vitys” showed  a very informative game, for which there shouldn’t be ashamed of, after the defeat the players still looked disappointed: “ In any case, it is a defeat, no matter what. It is always hurtful to lose , even  to better opponents, so the guys were upset, although they took this failure adequately”, – Gurskis summed up the result.

As you know, the previously announced renaming of “Vitys” to “Zhalgiris”, with the further integration of the futsal club into the famous Lithuanian sports system, couldn’t be officially completed while the club is taking part in the Champions League. Obviously, that in the near future we should await big news from Lithuania, this was confirmed indirectly by Gurskis :”Now all our thoughts are related only to the Champions League that has ended for us, I think,  for some time  we’ll enjoy our success and then we’ll go back to work – we need to win the Lithuanian championship and execute the previously made plans”.