D. Sivakov: “The most memorable moment of the last season is the victory over Stalitsa. We beat top-club”

Captain of AGIO FM Dmitry Sivakov shared his emotions about the beginning of the futsal season in Saint Petersburg, he told how he kept himself in shape during the pandemic, and also remembered his most memorable moment of the Baltic Futsal League’s first season.

After a long break, the futsal finally came back, and indoor games started again. How did you kept yourself in shape this summer? How hard is it to prepare for the season after such a break?

Preparations for this season are almost identical to the previous one, we began trainings on early September. The summer wasn’t as football-like as usual – the pandemic played its role. During the quarantine I worked out at home almost every day: I bought some barbells, rubbers and rug for exercises to keep myself in shape. Then amateur competitions 7×7 and 8×8 have started, I took part in some of it, so I was in fit by September.


How is the training process going? Are there any changes from last year, considering the fact that the break was longer than usual?

This year there were no functional outdoor trainings, we started our preparations indoor there were no running exercises at all. That’s probably the only significant difference from the last season when we had been running and jumping for two weeks without the ball.


Are there any season goals were set by the board? Do you have a personal goal for yourself?

We had the first meeting of the team where the plans for training sessions were announced and the tournaments where we are going to participate. The team’s board hasn’t set any goals, but everyone understands that we need to win and take the first places. As for personal goals, I don’t have any, just want to avoid injuries and to be useful for the team.


The second season of Baltic Futsal League will start in December, how did you remember the first one? Can you name the most memorable moment?

It was the first ever BFL season, and we had a lot of interest in this tournament. There was a strong rival lineup, professional clubs from other countries. Of course, it was interesting to test our strength on another level. I think the most memorable moment for the whole team was the victory in the match against Stalitsa, because we managed to beat the top-club.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t play in that game because of the injury, but I was with the team mentally, and emotionally, I have shared that success with the guys.


It is planned that some new clubs will be added to the BFL this season. Do you have a dream to play with a club from a particular country?

It’s great that the number of teams is increasing, new countries join the league. This is a very interesting experience to participate in international competitions where playing top-clubs from its countries. It will be great if the tournament will include a lot of strong teams and it doesn’t matter which countries they are from. We’d like to play and test ourselves with masters of the international level.