E.Tarakanovs: “I like to watch Spanish League, I dream to play for Barcelona someday”

One of the most talented players of TFK Rezekne, a participant of Euro U19 2019, Edgar Tarakanov remembered how he took his first steps in futsal, shared his memories of the Baltic Futsal League’s last season, and also told about his sports dream.

How did you start your journey in futsal? Why did you choose this sport?

I started playing futsal when I was only five years old, so often I had to play with friends twice older. They helped me a lot, and in fact, they taught me to play, and I really appreciate that. The place where I started playing was called Sažiks. When I was eight years old, everyone said that I should start playing futsal more professionally, and my dad took me to TFK Rezekne. Honestly, I didn’t even know anything about futsal by that moment.

Do you watch the games of other futsal clubs? Maybe you have a favorite club in Europe?

Of course! Most often I watch the Spanish League, especially the games of Barcelona. Also I like futsal leagues of Portugal and Russia. As for the favorite club, it’s Barcelona without any doubt.

Are you a fan of Barcelona in football either? Do you like football?

Yes, I love football! If there is a ball, it’s already interesting! That’s right, I cheer for Barcelona in football. Lionel Messi is my favorite player and also I’m impressed with how the club performs, I like their style. 

The most enjoyable futsal emotion you’ve ever experienced at this stage of your career?

Perhaps the most incredible emotions I have ever experienced were at Euro U19 when I was playing for the Latvian national team. Representing your country in such a tournament is incredibly cool!

You were a participant of the Baltic Futsal League’s first season, share your impressions of it. Could you name the most memorable moment?

The first season was unforgettable and I experienced a lot of emotions. I can’t point out a particular episode because there were so many positive moments. The tournament was excellent, international experience is an invaluable thing. I really want to continue to play in it.

Last summer a lot of people got screwed up by the coronavirus pandemic, but you managed to participate in the Ghetto Football tournament and won it, tell us a little bit more about it.

Yes, we won the tournament with the team “TEN” – Nikita Elagov, Toms Grislis and Artem Kozlovsky played with me. After winning the super finals, we were just overwhelmed with emotions, the sensations were unforgettable. I advise all to participate in this tournament at least once.

Do you have a futsal dream?

Of course, I would like to play in a foreign professional club. Ideally I would like to play for Barcelona.

What’s the hardest thing about being a young athlete?

I think the most difficult period is puberty. And the most important thing is to find a company that doesn’t pull you down and even moves you up. And, of course, you always need to have faith in yourself, you always have to go for it every day, and then everything will work out!