G. Matjusenko: “Everyone in FC Petrow is waiting for Champions League and BFL to begin. We’re not afraid of tight schedule”

Player of Latvian FC Petrow Germans Matjusenko told about the start of the national championship, which was interrupted during the matches of the second round due to the spread of coronavirus infection among players of the league.

The championship had just started and was almost immediately interrupted. Is there any information about how long the futsal fans in Latvia were left without their favorite sport?

Yes, the championship has been stopped during the second round – not even all teams managed to complete it. There were cases of COVID-19 among futsal players, so the Federation decided not to take any risks and to suspend the season. We’re waiting for a decision, but I don’t think we’ll be playing next two weeks.

What about any restrictions of the spectators’ number on the arena? 

There were no restrictions until the suspension. I think when the season restarts, there will be some restrictions, but of course I’d like fans to be allowed on the games.

Has the federation developed a special medical protocol for the championship under the current conditions?

No, the Federation did not provide special medical regulations or protocols, but before the game against Lokomotiv all players were tested on COVID-19. Luckily, our team had only negative results, so we’re still training without restrictions.

It is clear that the team has managed to play only one match so far, but in general, what are your impressions after completed pre-season and the start of the season?

I am sure that the team is 100% ready for the season – we have been working really hard before the start, got a good shape, as we showed in the first round, having confident victory in the debut game (Petrow beat TFK Rezekne 2:6). It’s a pity we had to stop now.

Is it allowed to keep practicing during the pause to retain a good shape?

Yes, because all the tests of our team were negative, we continue to exercise hard, although we have a lack of playing practice. We would have wanted to play at least one friendly game, it wasn’t forbidden by the Federation, but because of the epidemiological situation it is not easy to find an opponent. So as long as we train four times a week, and no games are planning, we’ll probably train five times.

What’s the mood of the team, with the season is suspended once again, and it’s unclear whether it’s possible to finish it without further pauses, and it’s still unclear when you will start in the Champions League.

We’re still putting all our energy and emotions into training. Of course I want to play, preferably in front of the spectators, but I think everything will be all right in a couple of weeks. At least I really want it. There’s no exact information about our start in the Champions League either, we’re waiting for news.

Does any goal for the performance in Champions League was announced? 

Our goal is to win every game, even the Champions League is no exception.

The new BFL season is scheduled to start in December. In fact, the team will have to play in three tournaments simultaneously. Do you think you’re strong enough to perform well in all of them?

I’m sure we have enough strength for every tournament our club takes part in. We train hard, prepare for every game. Moreover, everyone in the team is waiting for the start of international tournaments, including the BFL, so if it is necessary, we will be ready to play two or even three times a week.