K. Krasiy: “I’d prefer two-games format of the Preliminary round”

The champion of Lithuania, participant of Baltic Futsal League, Vytis will face the champion of Sweden Hammarby at the preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League. Head coach of Kaunas’ club Kirill Krasiy shared his opinion about the draw and noted some difficulties in preparations for the upcoming game due to the coronavirus pandemic.

– Before the draw we had known that we had two possible variants – Swedish champion or Scottish champion. I suppose we got the strongest opponent from this pair – Hammarby looks more difficult than Saltires.

Have you already received some information about Hammarby?

It’s very hard to learn things quickly now, the pandemic has made it much more difficult to prepare for an opponent. We have some data on the Swedish champion, of course, but we don’t have a complete picture yet. I know there are a lot of foreigners playing for them, especially from the Arab countries. And that’s it for now, so it can be said that the information available to us is not complete. 

UEFA decided to play only one knockout game, which will decide the fate of the winner. How do you feel about this format?

I’m inclined that the traditional two-game variant would be the most acceptable, at least for futsal fans. People come to matches, cheer for their favorite teams, and footballers are always happy to play with the fans, but now we won’t have that opportunity. So, for these reasons, I would choose a two-game format. 

The Swedish league has already started, Hammarby has a playing practice, while Vytis only begins the season – the start of the championship is planned for the beginning of November. Will this factor be an advantage for the Swedes?

Of course, Hammarby will hold more games, will be in fit, and our training is a bit scrapped due to the games of the national team – all our attention is given to receiving a positive result in qualifying matches of the European Championship with Montenegro. After these games, we won’t have much time to prepare for the Champions League. But by the time of the match with Hammarby we will play two rounds of the Lithuanian championship, and we have many national team players, so they will get the necessary playing practice. 

Considering these factors, are you developing any special plan for the game with Hammarby, or will you approach the game in the usual way as the next match of the Lithuanian championship?

Our attitude will certainly be different from the way we prepare for the matches of the Lithuanian league. It’s gonna be a Champions League game, one game, and any mistake could be a decisive one. We are aware of the responsibility and importance of the upcoming event, so it will be quite different for us to prepare and adjust for this game.