M. Babjak: “Looking forward to the start of the second BFL season. International games are giving great possibilities to develop”

Player of Tallinn’s Cosmos Maksim Babjak told about preparations for the upcoming season, about the formation of the lineup for it, and also admitted that he is looking forward to the start of the new Baltic Futsal League season.

Preparations for the new season began at the end of August – we had a meeting with the club’s president where the objectives for the upcoming season were announced. We were told about the tournaments where Cosmos will participate. The exact starting dates of the Championship, Cup and Super Cup are not yet announced, so we train and wait for the details.

How hard is it to get into a rhythm of training process after a vacation that has been delayed by the epidemiological situation?

We started the physical preparations in the beginning of September. There were outdoor jogging exercises, sprints and other futsal elements. After the strengthening of our physical conditions we plan to start indoor exercises, there is not much time left before the start of the season, so it is necessary to be in fit.

However, we have another problem – our head coach Sergey Svetlov lives in Saint Petersburg, and because the border between Estonia and Russia is closed, he’s not able to be with us. As long as we had to prepare without him, the older guys took some of his functions. We keep in touch with him remotely – he sends an assignment with a list of what we need to do for each training session, and we do his errands. At this moment, we have to work like this, but I hope it all works out soon, coach will join us, and we can train as hard as possible.

Are there any changes in team’s roster in compare to the last season?

There are no significant changes in the team – in fact, all the guys who were in the team last season will stay, so we can say that we expect to rely on ourselves. Moreover, experienced players who have already played with us will come back this season. I think that this year we will need all – both young guys and more skilled ones who have the experience of playing for Cosmos. It’s going to be a tough season, so we will need everyone who can play futsal. We still don’t know if Petersburg’s guys who have played for us last season will be able to strengthen us, this question remains opened.

The second season of the Baltic Futsal League is expected to start in December, what impressions did you make of the first season?

We look forward not only to the start of the domestic championship, but also to the start of the Baltic Futsal League. We’ve already know that the League is expanding, there will be more teams, and that’s the good news – it will be much more interesting to participate it. We play only with Estonian teams, and the Estonian championship is essentially just two or three teams that play among themselves. The rest of the teams are amateurs, who sometimes can’t form a team just to play the match. Therefore, games at the international level are interesting to us from all sides, both for the development of the futsal as a sport and for the improvement of our own playing skills.