M. Sens: “We are fortunate to play our first ever Champions League game at home”

The participant of the Baltic Futsal League FC Petrow will face the champion of Slovakia Lucenec in the preliminary round of the Champions League. Player of the Latvian club Maksim Sen commented the draw, expressing satisfaction that such an important match will take place at the Petrow’s home arena.

– I cannot say that we know a lot about the opponents and about the Slovakian championship, before the draw we had much more information about their neighbours – Czechs. But, nevertheless, we know that the head coach of Lucenec also manages the national team of Slovakia, and there is a large number of national team players in their roster. But we’ve already received videos of their latest games, so the preparation has begun, we’ll be studying the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.

The preliminary round of this season consists of one game. Would you prefer to play in the usual format, or would it be more comfortable to have one match that would be decisive? 

We need to look at the circumstances surrounding us. In a coronavirus pandemic, the best option is just one game. On the other hand, I suppose that we would have a better chance of getting through the preliminary stage under normal circumstances. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a goal to get to the next round.

Your team will play at home, but without fans on arena. Will it help you not to go to Slovakia?

We are very fortunate that our first ever match in the Champions League will be held at home, even with empty stands. Especially since the situation changes every day, and there is a risk of staying in a foreign country for a long time, or of being quarantined upon returning home.

The Latvian championship is currently on pause due to positive tests among the players of the league. Will the temporary stoppage affect the team’s condition and preparation for the match?

Without the matches of the championship we would have more opportunities to purposefully prepare for the Slovaks, but still we would like the championship to resume this Saturday. We would like to have a playing practice before the start in the Champions League.