M. Sens: “With Alexander Savintsev in charge Petrow have more opportunities to develop”

Latvian FC Petrow enters the new season with absolutely new look: the club has changed the head coach, has signed some few foreign players and expects start in the Champions League this autumn. We talked to Riga’s club player Maxim Sens about the changes and preparations for the games in Europe.

The team was significantly renewed this summer, but the main signing is a new head coach Alexander Savintsev, who worked in Stalitsa Minsk and Belarus national team last season. What has changed in the training process compared to the previous season?

As you know, each coach has his own approach, his own methods of trainings. In this case, we’re trying to adapt to Alexander’s demands. He, in turn, is trying to understand what we can do, both for players in the game and for the club as a whole, because he worked with professional teams before. As for the approach itself, I think guys like it. I personally like the new training model. Before the training we always know what exactly we will do. We have a lot of new exercises that we haven’t had done before. Of course, the understanding of the game that the coach has is very important, and I am interested to see futsal from a different angle. We have some new players, including foreign ones. And now we have the opportunity to practice in the good arenas all the time, which is also an asset. In general, I think the team has more opportunities to develop with Alexander in charge.


Some new players were added to FC Petrow’s roster this offseason, including the ones from other countries. Tell more about newcomers.

Yes, two foreign players – Dmytro Shamli from Ukraine and Archil Sebiskveradze from Georgia – joined the team. I don’t know how long their contracts are signed for, but I hope they can help us with the tasks they’ve been assigned to.


FC Petrow is going to represent Latvia in the Champions League this autumn. Is preparation for the season forced by this fact?

It is not clear yet when and where the Champions League games will take place or whether they will ever take place due to the current epidemiological situation. But we expect that everything will be fine, and we will be able to play it in appropriate time. So we try to cover as many futsal moments as possible as long we have time to do so.


Have you discussed the upcoming Champions League start inside the team? Have you set any goals for this tournament? 

The Champions League is a special tournament, and it often becomes an indicator of the player’s level, the team’s level, even the national team’s level. It is a very responsible competition, so it’s important to show our maximum in it. Maybe it can help to our young players to take it to the next level. As for the team’s goals, of course, we’d like to go as far as possible. The most achievable goal at the moment is probably getting into the elite round. It’s clear that we depend on the draw and maybe it will be possible to specify the objectives after it. We have players who have experience of the big games, so I believe anything is possible.