Mykhailo Grytsyna expressed his hope about finishing of the first Baltic Futsal League’s season.

Player of Minsk’s “Stalitsa” Mykhailo Grytsyna shared his opinion about the ending of regular season of Belarus league. Also, he expressed his hope about finishing of the first Baltic Futsal League’s season.

What is your opinion about the ending of Belarus regular season? How the upcoming break before playoffs will influence the team?

I suppose the regular season was very interesting, the struggle for the first place lasted until the final matchday. But the most important games are ahead. It’s great to win the regular season, but playoffs are the culmination of it all. I believe that the break will be good for us. We have players who haven’t got enough resting days during the season, now they have time to recharge and catch their breath. Also, we have some injured players, they will have additional time to recover to help our team in the playoffs.

How do you think, is it appropriate to finish the BFL season  on summer or even in the beginning of the autumn, or it’s better to focus on the preparations to the new season?

If everything will be fine, it will be the right choose to finish the season, because that season is the very first. I would like to finish, especially there are not much games left.

You were the top scorer of the league before the break. How important for you to remain the best on this criteria?

Yes, I’m happy to be the top scorer, and it will be great to win the tournament and to be awarded with individual prize. It would mean that efforts weren’t in vain!

Will it be frustrating if the season will be canceled and this achievement won’t be get?

I’m not going to lie, it will be very frustrating. 

It’s clear that it’s too early to sum up the first BFL season but what do you have to say about experience you gained in this league? Maybe there was something to remember the most?

I’m happy to play in the BFL, I’d like to highlight the great games organization, especially when we played away. Everything was at top level, I like to come one day before the game and to prepare calmly. I think there will be a lot of good teams who will wish to join the BFL with such attitude.