Player of FC Petrow Germans Matjusenko told about keeping himself in a good shape in quarantine

And claimed that he’s ready to finish Latvian playoffs and Baltic Futsal League’s season even on summer. 

About current season

In overall we have a successful season, we have won the Latvian regular championship and was ahead in semi-final series with the score 2:1. Only one win had left for us to reach the final. 

About activities in quarantine 

Of course, it’s much harder to train and keep yourself in a good shape in quarantine but I’m trying to exercise by myself almost every day. In a free time I watch movies and TV series, or just go for a walk. 

About finishing the season

Of course, I’d like to finish the season, even if we will have to play on summer. We have started to prepare to this season on last summer, so I’d like to finish it. It would be great to determine the winner in both -Latvian championship and Baltic Futsal League.