Player of TFK Rezekne Nikita Jelagovs claimed that he’s ready to take part in Baltic Cyberfutsal League this summer.

My period of forced self-isolation is going quite easy because I have a lot of things to do. From Monday till Friday at 9 am my school day starts and it lasts approximately until 2 pm. After that I am training: running at deserted places and doing a workout for strengthening the muscles. After training I usually playing FIFA20 in Ultimate Team game mode.

As for me, playing cyberfutsal really interesting, because no one did something similar in FIFA on such level.

I didn’t play cyberfutsal before, because as I said earlier I do that in Ultimate Team game mode where only cyberfootball.

I don’t have any achievements in cyberfootball, but recently I took part in Ghetto Games tournament  and reached quarterfinal.

I am glad to play cyberfutsal not only on a break, because I have already played FIFA for 5 years.