A. Dmitrijev: “We expect a very tough season but we will fight any opponent”

President of Narva United Alexander Dmitrijev spoke about the team’s preparation for the upcoming season and about the changes in the club’s infrastructure, also he told about the main rivals in the Estonian Championship.

– The offseason is usually pretty quite in Estonia, except the clubs that participate in the Champions League. We have some good changes in the club’s infrastructure: the renovation of our arena is coming to an end – a new surface has already been installed, and it is expected that all work will be completed by mid-September. Accordingly, we’ll start training after we’re everything will be ready. Also Narva’s first outdoor futsal field with modern surface and lighting will be ready by the end of September


Were some goals announced for the new season?

It’s too early to make any predictions so far, but we expect to have a very tough season. The border between the EU and Russia is still closed, and the problem is that we have six guys from Kingisepp playing for us, so we may have to play without them this year. Besides, our coach Mikhail Romanov can’t help the team with his presence yet either. All of this together makes it necessary to adapt the season goals – we have to find new players and work with the team roster in such situation. So we hope that we will have young players who will have the opportunity to get more experience, and by the first results we will see what goals to set.


Last season in Estonia hasn’t been finished, will it leave some influence on the new championship?

Obviously, yes. At least three teams that finished the last season in the semi-finals will have a completely different attitude for Viimsi, that has been named as the champion of the unfinished season. For ourselves we can say exactly that Viimsi from a simple rival has turned into a very principled one. Due to the problems with the lineup, it will be very difficult for us to fight them this season, but we will do the best we can.


Do Narva United have any principled rivals, except Viimsi? During the first season of the Baltic Futsal League we labeled your game with the Tallinn’s Cosmos as an Estonian derby, but is this a huge standoff in the domestic championship?

As it happens that we played in the Cup Final with Cosmos for three years in a row, so it is possible to say that our confrontation has become, in some way, a classic for the Estonian futsal in recent years. But we also always have the principled games against our neighbours from Silliamae, it’s the derby of our region, so it’s always unpredictable.

As for the game within the Baltic Futsal League, it can be said that it was a key test before our match in the decisive part of the Estonian Championship. We lost in that BFL game but we made some conclusions, and it helped us in the regular championship match – we have managed to draw the game despite when have trailed two goals with four minutes to go. In the end, this point helped us to make it to the top-3 and to win bronze medals.


Speaking of the likely expansion of the Baltic Futsal League, would you like to fight a team from which country?

We are interested in playing with any teams from other countries – this is a different culture, a trip, an adventure that will forever remain in our memories. And when we host a team from another country in Narva this is a real magnet for fans, an international match is a big event for our city. So we look forward to the start of the Baltic Futsal League season, we hope that we will be able to play in it in any format.