S. Malyshko: “Stalitsa has the most serious attitude to the BFL. we’d like to win the title”

The season 2020/21 has already started in Belarus, and the participant of the Baltic Futsal League, Minsk’s Stalitsa, has a perfect result – six points in two games. After a successful start, we asked some questions to the defender of Stalitsa and Ukraine national team Sergey Malyshko: about the perfomance of his quartet, the upcoming trip to Gomel to his former team and about the new tournament for him – Baltic Futsal League.

What are your impressions from the start of the championship? Are you satisfied with your and team’s performance?

Speaking of first two games: we have a positive result, six points in two games seems great to me. We strive to ensure that the victories are the result of quality play, not coincidence or luck. So there are some questions about quality and understanding, but we’re only at the beginning of the journey, we’re going to pull all the components together and make them work automatically.


You play the closest one to your net in your quartet so you have to control the other guys. Is there an increased responsibility because of this function? How do you feel about it?

The concept of quartets is symbolic in our team, we play as one. I guess the coach thinks it’s the best combination of players so far. As for my game, any of us can be at the net during the match. Maybe I play a little bit more in defense, especially against targetmen. It all depends on the opponent, the situation in the game, the score. If I’m the last defender and I see the whole field, a timely hint is required. But it’s important to the rest of us, because it can prevent a large percentage of our opponent’s attacks.


You have already scored your debut goal for Stalitsa. Let’s remember this episode, was it a planned combination or you were given the right to a direct shot?

There was a spontaneous situation where I was closest to the ball. If the opponent had moved in a different way maybe I didn’t shot and pass the ball to some partner, but I made that decision. And it was the right one.


Next Sunday you will return to Gomel, where you will face BC. How do you feel before the game with the former club?

I don’t think it’s going to be a special game. We’re preparing for everyone equally well. BC is the winner of the Cup, the top-4 team, so it will be interesting for both – players and fans. There are a lot of good players, some of them are my friends, I’ll be happy to see them and fight for victory.


Last year Stalitsa took part in the Baltic Futsal League. Have you heard something about this tournament? How do you feel about participating it?

I’ve seen some highlights, I can’t say I’ve been following the whole tournament. Anyway it’s interesting to participate  it, it’s a new league for me. New experience and new rivalries will never get wrong, moreover this is an international tournament.


The second season of the BFL will begin in December, is it important for you personally to be its winner, or you consider it as a quality preparation for important matches of the domestic championship?

Winning every match and tournament is very important to us. We will try to fight for the victory, and the Baltic Futsal League is no exception, we have the most serious attitude to the BFL.