V. Voskans: “Our goal is always the same – champions title and participation in the Champions League”

This time our attention is focused on the Latvian TFK Rezekne. Last week we had a conversation with head coach Vitalijs Voskans. He told about team’s preparations for the new 20/21 season, informed about the changes in the lineup and shared the goals that were set for the upcoming season.

The epidemiological situation both in Latvia and Europe had a great impact on the start of our training sessions. For today we are at the stage of completing the lineup. We had a limited time for team preparations for September 26, when we will face Petrow on the first matchday of Latvian league. They are current champions of our country and participants of the Champions League. A physical condition of our team is far from optimal. I can say the same about other functional components. We work every day to get better. In the time remaining, it will be tough task to develop all the components of the game (defense, attack, special teams, set piece) through practical and theoretical exercises, to form combinations of players in shifts, improve physical conditions.


It is known that some foreign players joined Rezekne in offseason. Tell more about them and about other changes in the lineup.

Two young Portuguese players joined our team during the preseason training sessions. One of them is 20-year-old Matheus Grande Martins, who also has a Brazilian passport, he is a product of Sporting CP futsal academy. The second one is 22-year-old Jorge Manuel Lopes Alexandre. The 25-year-old Spaniard Daniel Ales Robles who played for the Finnish Kemi last season. Dmitry Borisov returned from the Lokomotiv Daugavpils. Besides, three 19-year-old players of the football organization BFC Daugavpils are involved in the training process. Euro U19 2019 participant Grigory Tsvetkov will continue his career in RABA due to his move to Riga for studying.


Is there a specific team goal for the upcoming season?

Our goal is always the same – champions title and participation in the Champions League. The goals of the team always depend on the financial base, budget we have, and working conditions. Exactly the conditions of work are not permanent yet, so the tasks are intermediate, but they are always quite high and ambitious. Thanks to the support of the self-governance of our city and our permanent partners – we have the opportunity to participate in the domestic championship and in the Baltic Futsal League.


A new Olympic Center will be opened in Rezekne soon, the team will host opponents there. Describe how the construction is being prepared for the start of the season.

A lot of organizational work is being done in the new Rezekne Olympic Center for our home matches and training. There have been many questions and difficulties that we have faced but we look forward to its successful resolution. We also hope that the stands of the new and wonderful arena will be filled with sincere and numerous fans at our home games. In turn, we will try our best to please everyone with our spectacular and hopefully productive game.