The Latvian “FC Petrow” in a fierce fight lost to “Lucenec” from Slovakia during extra time of the preliminary round of the Champions League. We talked with player from the Jelgava’s club Maksim Sens and found out how the team  reacted to the disappointing result and what the coaches said after this play.

Please, tell us about the match with “Lucenec”.  What do you think was not enough to achieve a positive result?

Before the game many people considered “Lucenec” to be a favorite, but our team didn’t concede anything to the opponent during the match. Moreover we were able to show our character and didn’t give up  with  the score 1:3 and then moved the game to extra time. Even according to statistics both teams created approximately the same number of goal attempts. In my opinion, we had even more chances to score. With such an equal game the main factor is realization of chances and unfortunately we didn’t manage to realize them properly.

How did the guys take the defeat? What emotions were in the dressing room after the final whistle?

Of course, everyone was upset because it’s a pity to lose in equal games,  especially, when you have got a moral advantage at the end of the match. Besides we understood that our rival 

was also physically exhausted. During extra time  it seemed that we were about to score, but unfortunately our opponent survived and moreover was able to score himself at the very end of extra time. As for our emotions we felt the emptiness.  We needed a result but we didn’t  achieve it. It gives you additional disappointment when the goal is close.

What did you feel when the score was equalized in the very end? Didn’t you feel like you’ll overtake the opponent  while you were so courageous?

Yes, there was a feeling that we were close to  victory. It was only necessary to realize the  moment. In seemed to me we were able to score before the penalties. Especially it was felt in the first minutes of extra time.

How did the coaching staff react on the defeat? Did they parse errors after a match?

The coaching staff thanked guys for selfless play. Analysis of our actions during a match will be later, it’s better to approach the analysis with a cool head. That’s why there were no analysis so far.

What do you think about “Lucenec” in general? Did the Slovaks impress you with anything?

They have a fairly organized team that actively used pressure in the other half of the field. During the game we tried to use  the fast counterattacks. In general we were ready for their actions. For example, in training we actively worked out ways out of their pressing. Our coach  made a detailed analysis of the team, therefore we knew what to expect.

Will it be difficult to rearrange from the Champions League to the national championship matches?  Your emotions will be quite different.

Now we still have a complete uncertainty with the games in the Championship because of the epidemiological situation in the country and in addition the national team matches are coming soon. .It seems to me there will be a pause again  and it’ll be probably good for the team. We’ll have  a rest  and then we’ll continue to play in the national championship with renewed forces. 

The second season of Baltic Futsal League will start in three weeks. Is the goal set to win this international tournament taking into account such early relegation from the Champions League?

We consider the Baltic Futsal League as a possibility to gain international experience because the opponents’ level is quite high. So far no clear goals have been set for us, but I guess that the main task will be a victory in every game.