Futsal in Estonia. To surprise doesn’t mean win!

The Estonian Championship is catching up with its originally planned schedule – the teams gradually play previously postponed matches. In the middle of this week two such meetings took place at once: Tallinn “Cosmos” hosted “Viimsi Smsrakha”, and “Narva United” visited Sillamae.  The Baltic Futsal Marketing company analyzes the events of these exciting matches in details.

“Cosmos” was approaching its principal game against “Viimsi” having only one point in their last two matches after a rather unexpected defeat from “Sillamae Silmet” ( 4:7) and a draw with “Tartu Maximum” (4:4), and the current champions, in their turn, haven’t lost any points yet .  Nevertheless, the match, as expected, turned out to be very combative and the final result was unknown until the final whistle. “Viimsi” took the lead three times, and “Kosmos” found the strength to recoup thrice.  However, the Tallinners couldn’t respond to Igor Ivanov’s goal.  “Smsrakha” took away the victory from the capital with a score 4:3.

Manager of “Cosmos” Stepan Chernousov spoke after the match about the unfairness of the final result complaining about the unforced errors: “We develop heroism – we create our own problems and we solve them ourselves. The game was absolutely ours, with a great number of chances. One can say it was our best play in a long time, but we made four resultant mistakes for which we got goals in our own goal. I think we surprised our opponent that a winning game can be given away like this, so there is no any regret or upset now – we were much better than “Viimsi”. For us this match should be a lesson, we should have won 6:1 or 6:2, but we lost 3:4”.

Thus “Cosmos” hasn’t won three games in a row, but the club denies the existence of a game crisis and calmly prepares for the next meetings, especially since coming weekend the Tallinners will have a game against “Viimsi” again. “ Three games without a win is certainly a cold shower for us, but the guys are happy with their movement and thoughts of the game. During trainings we’ll put more emphasis on execution in practice and I think everything will be all right. The only thing that scares us a little is our own bad mistakes which caused us to lose points in the matches against “Sillamae Silmet” and “Tartu Maximum” and now against “Viimsi Smsrakha” too. I consider this match should be good for us, the guys should wake up and realize that there is no one to lose to. On Saturday we’ll play with “Viimsi” again, on Friday we have a pre-game training, where we’ll look at our mistakes and inform the guys that they literally gave the first game to the rival” –Chernousov said.

After a big home victory over “Sillamae Silmet” (11:4),  “Narva United” went to the opponent for an away meeting with a clear desire to repeat its success. The opening match was completely taken over by the visitors – by the 11-th minute the score was 4:1 in favor of “United”, but the hosts managed to get back into the game before the break, reducing the gap to a minimum. However in the second half “Narva”, considered to be a favorite before the match, confirmed its status bringing the game to a comfortable victory with a score 8:4.

“We are completely satisfied with the result in the two-match confrontation” – President of “Narva United” Alexander Dmitriev said after the match. “For the first match we set ourselves up quite differently, there were a lot of talks before it, so the “ warming up” was good and we left most of our emotions exactly then. After the victory 11:4 it was harder to tune ourselves for the meeting in Sillamae, but we started not bad: we scored a quick goal, led 4:1, but then some slackness in our actions affected us and we finished the first half with a minimum advantage.  During the break we spoke with the guys, started the second half confidently and brought the match to its logical conclusion, although we blurred the ending – instead of winning with a double-digit score  we allowed “Silmet” to win back one goal”

In addition to the 100% result in the dual matches Dmitriev noted other positive factors of the confrontation. “ We are glad that the matches were held without extra cards and as well as we were able” to run in” our young people. Maxim Rauzhin ( 16 ) and Daniil Dikopavlenko (17) scored their debut goals in the top division. 

Despite two confident victories over its geographical neighbor, “Narva” doesn’t consider that any meeting between these rivals will certainly evolve in this way. “We don’t throw hats in the air and we  clearly understand that if we meet in the play-offs, then things can turn out quite differently there.” – Dmitriev admitted. “  Meanwhile we are training for the next game against Ruumu and awaiting EFU’s decision on a situation with  non-arrival of “Tartu Ravens” for  a scheduled match in Narva on January 16, which is strange for us. The exact reason for this game cancellation is still not clear for us. We are waiting  for more information from the Estonian Football Union,” – President of “Narva United” added.

After two wins over “Sillamae Silmet” the team from Narva climbed to the second place in the standings, ahead of “Kosmos” by two points, while having a game on standby. “Viimsi Smsrakha” remains undefeated – 21 points in seven matches.