Futsal of spain : Barca is losing control or just pretending?

We continue to follow the national championships of different countries. Today we turn our attention to the most popular European championship; especially its start gave a great sensation which has been christened as “The Crash of Barcelona”. Let’s examine how catastrophic the tournament situation of the Catalan club is, and who took on the leader’s burden in the absence of  the “blaugrana” at the top.

In Spain the teams have already passed a third of the distance and this segment can draw some definite conclusions concerning the balance of power in the current season. At the start of the championship “Barcelona” shocked its fans. It’s difficult to imagine but the strongest European club up until recently was in the very bottom of the standings, having won only once in seven matches! In November the situation was significantly improved – the Catalans haven’t lost four matches sequentially and in one of them Barсa “dried” Murcia away at the grand master level and won 3:0. The current ninth place of the “blaugrana” shouldn’t mislead anyone, it is unlikely that it will simply fight for a place in the play-offs – its ambitions and possibilities are much higher than this task. Besides, the schedule of the remaining matches in 2020 favors Barсa – three successful meetings with Burela, Betis and Valdepenas, ranked sixth to the eighth place in the table, will allow the Catalans to get close to the leaders.
During the period of temporary crisis in Barcelona and taking advantage of the small number of matches played by Inter, Palma Futsal settled at the top of the table. This team from the Balearic Islands has proved itself in recent years as a strong rival which consistently ranked among the top five best clubs of Spain, but they haven’t yet managed to get closer to Barcelona, Inter and Murcia which confrontation in fact is the basis of the Spanish championship.
A bright start of the season demonstrates the fact that Palma seems ready for more than just being satisfied with fifth or sixth place: only one defeat in 12 matches, only 19 goals conceded during this period of time and a willful victory over Barcelona (4:3) – is a perfect springboard for solving serious tasks. However, December will be decisive for Palma – one game week will include the matches against Murcia and Inter and in between there will be a trip to Antequera. And if the Balearics come out of this period with dignity then it will be possible to talk about their ambitions for this season much more seriously.
Because of the postponed matches due to the spread of COVID-19, Inter suffered almost the most which shares the first place with Palma Futsal in the lost points, having played three games less than the islanders. At this time only Jaen and Valdepenas have played less than Inter – eight games each. A slightly “ragged” schedule and the postponed matches could throw off the Madrid club: after a spectacular away victory over Barcelona (3:2) one of the favorites of the season had to alternate between games and quarantine breaks, as a result Inter issued a series of three draws in a row – Peniscola, Ribera Navarra and Zaragoza managed to profit points in matches against more famous opponent. In the remaining days of 2020 the Madrid club will have to face a tight schedule: during 17 days Inter will have to play four matches of the championship and a meeting of the 1/8 final of the Spanish Cup against Menjibar, if, of course, there is no coronavirus outbreak in the Spanish championship again .