The Futsal map of the world: Dominica is waiting for Specialists!

The CONCACAF zone is not the most progressive region for futsal development, but a trend of positive changes can be seen more and more clearly in the countries of North and Central America. Baltic Futsal Marketing company tells you about the progress in the futsal promotion in such an exotic country for mini-football as the Dominican republic.

Until recently the latest futsal news from this corner of the globe was dated back to 2017, when the local Football Federation announced its plans to create the first professional leagues in futsal and beach soccer.

Dominican football officials developed a project that would take futsal and beach soccer in the country to a considerably new level. The basic figure in the system under construction was appointed by the Canadian specialist Roy Blanche, who received the patronage over the Dominican national teams in both sports. However rather soon this ambitious project was indefinitely frozen, as a major corruption scandal broke out within the Dominican Football Federation, the investigation of which even attracted the attention of FIFA officials. In the end, in just a year, the management personnel in Federation were changed completely, and certainly there was no time for the implementation of the plans made earlier. It should be mentioned that despite a high-profile lawsuit lasted 15 months, Dominica still took part in the futsal tournament as part of the 2018 Junior Olympics in Argentina. Since that time all news regarding Dominican futsal has literally disappeared. And a few months ago the prospect of creating a national League of the Dominican Republic began to take real shape again. 

 In January 2020 Ruben Garcia was appointed President of the Dominican Football Federation, and his primary task was a rehabilitation of the organization’s image. In his words, the working processes of the Federation are exclusively transparent now, and its activities are aimed only at the development of soccer and futsal in the country. Over the past ten years the popularity of futsal in Dominica has increased significantly and the Federation’s goal is an active support of this process. According to Futsal Director Duilio Gustavo Gimondo, more than 3000 people in the country play at the amateur level, doing it on different surfaces: basketball parquet, cement floor, synthetic grass or open-air ground.  “We are in the ongoing search for local players, as well as players from the neighboring countries, who can promote futsal to the general public. We want this sport to become really strong in our country and we are very positive about the creation of successful men’s and women’s national teams”, – Gimondo declared. 

Speaking about the launch of the national futsal League, Gimondo tried to avoid specifics: ”The Championship’s creation is a priority task for us at this time, but for now I wouldn’t like to talk about our sponsors and the competition’s format. Due to  the difficult world situation, many of our ideas are not realized as quickly as we wanted, but we are convinced that we’ll finish everything we have planned. A strong national League is a powerful tool which in itself force players to progress, motivating them to participate in the competitions not only at home, but also at international tournaments,” – said Gimondo.

The national team of the Dominican Republic takes part in the current World Cup qualifiers and the federation understands that at this moment their players can hardly make miracles, but they still expect an exciting fight to reach the next qualifying round. The head coach of the national team is an Argentinian specialist Carlos Boccicardy, who achieved a historic result with the women’s team: at the 2018 Youth Olympics Dominican played a draw with Chile and ahead of the future tournament finalist – the team from Japan. “Why wouldn’t we dream of our success at the first qualifier?” – asks Gimondo. “We are convinced that gradually, moving step by step, we’ll be able to make history for our country and for the fans of futsal in it. We are sure that the coming years will become a turning point for our sport, its development in the Dominican Republic is the fundamental core of our project”,- concluded Gimondo.