Artem Komashko : «I will fight for all St. Petersburg»

The finalist of the second promo tournament of the Baltic Cyberfutsal League is ready to give a battle to the main favorite.
I like the way the second promo cyberfutsal  tournament is going: there is clearly more order and almost all games are persistent. Somehow miraculously everyone’s internet speed has returned to normal. Of course, it has affected the quality of matches.
During the first tournament almost everything was a new experience for me, because I‘ve never played in Volta. I practice two times with a computer and it seems the things got better. If you remember, I took the first place in my St.Petersburg group, but I didn’t make it to the winners. In the third place match I lost to Tirri because of slow Internet. And now I am in the final losing only Alexander Vtorushin, to whom we’ll fight in the main match on Sunday evening.
He presents «Сosmos» which we beat in the BFL. And I have good memories of it – I scored them in Tallinn!
I am not afraid of my competitor who plays brilliant in promo tournaments. Although I could «hooked him up» in a group tournament, but a cyber-referee interfered and called a clearly unfair penalty a few seconds before the end of the regulation time of our match. By the way, if a petition is written to the cyberfutsal developers with complaints and suggestions, I’ll sign it first!
On Sunday in the evening I invite all of you to the Grand Final stream. I will «torment» the console twice as fiercely as usual. I will fight for all St. Petersburg!