Arturs Meikulans: I am a real newcomer!

A young player from TFK Rezekne commented on his participation in the 3rd promo tournament of BCFL.
Unfortunately, I have never played in FIFA VOLTA before. But I watched the promo tournament with great interest. And at last I decided to participate. My interest and desire to try outweighed the fears of losing to everyone. Certainly, I‘ll do my best to go as far as possible. Of course, any victory makes me a little bit stronger, but considering that I take part in such a massive event for the first time, I can’t even rate my chances in any way.
In the future, if I’m trusted to play for my club, I would like to participate in Baltic Cyberfutsal League.
I’ll tell you a secret that I have no special experience in cyberfutsal either: Two weeks ago it was my first time playing in FIFA Ultimate Team.