Cosmos won Narva Futsal Cup 2020

Last weekend, Narva hosted its 13th annual pre-season futsal tournament. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in Europe, the competition lost the status of international this time, and five teams from Estonia took part in it: Narva United, Narva United-2, Ganza from Narva, Silmet from Sillamae and Cosmos from Tallinn. 

The regulations of the tournament implied a group stage where each team played against each opponent. Matches consisted of two halves 12 minutes each. Four best clubs of the first round formed the semi-final pairs – «Narva United» and «Ganza» as well as «Cosmos» and «Silmet» made into the playoffs. The hosts of the tournament sensationally drew the regulation time of the semi-final, and «Ganza» was fortunate enough to beat them in penalties. Tallinn’s «Cosmos» has passed the semi-final, having beat «Silmet», and in the final “capitals” were stronger «Ganza». In the third place game Narva United was able to rehabilitate for the defeat in the semi-final, by defeating Silmet.

Best players of the tournament:

Best defender – Andrey Gornev, Narva United 

Best goalkeeper – Nikita Dodukh, Ganza)  

Best striker – Nikita Chernei, Cosmos 

Best player of the championship – Pavel Rubel, Cosmos

Best goalscorer – Vladislav Ivanov, Silmet

Best coach – Boriss Shipunov, Cosmos

Best players in each team:

Ganza – Andrey Yakovlev 

Silmet – Anton Machinista  

Narva United – German-Gury Zwibelberg 

Cosmos – Evgeny Skamnitsky,  

Narva United-2 – Andrey Bolonenkov