Komashko is a new cyber star of BCFL!

Sunday’s final of the second promo tournament of the Baltic Cyberfutsal League between Artem Komashko (AGIO FM, St.Petersburg) and Alexander Vtorushin (Cosmos, Tallinn) turned out to be quite spectacular and unpredictable. Initially Komashko won the first match in a series of up to three wins with minimum advantage and then he won a second victory on penalties after the main and extra time ended in a draw. It seemed there is only one step to the gold of the tournament, but Vtorushin smashed his rival in the third match of the series 5:0. And the next game was decisive: after the first match there were zeroes on the scoreboard, but at the second game Artem Komashko was more precise 2:1. There were some technical problems: due to a lighting failure in the St. Petersburg arena, the match was stopped 5 seconds before the final siren. Nevertheless the competitors decided not to change the current result. Thus the winner of the second promo tournament of BCFL was Artem Komashko, a representative of AGIO FM!