Nikolai Frolov: “I had to get over myself to succeed in the tournament”

Player of AGIO FM Nikolai Frolov became the real star of the first Baltic Cyberfutsal League season. He took the first place in the individual standings and helped his team to get a champions title. We had a quick conversation about his cybersuccess.

You haven’t taken part in promo tournaments and started from the official league. How it influenced on your performance? Have you followed the events of promo tournaments?

When I have heard about promo tournaments I wanted to take part in it. I have contacted with Daria Yurkova, our administrator, and she replied that I can’t participate because of tournament’s regulations. I was quite upset about it but I followed the tournaments news and cheered for our guys.

Before the start of the official league I was delighted to know that I’m able to take part. I have agreed without any hesitation and started training immediately. But when I have played one game with my teammate Artem Komashko I understood that my connection was not good enough for online games. So I have had to improvise and decided to come to my friend who had stable connection.

Tell us about your attitude. It’s clear that it was entertaining tournament in the first place but have you set some goals for the tournament from the beginning? Or you got the motivation during the games?

I had a serious attitude from the beginning. It cannot be otherwise if you have Artem Komashko in your team, he’s the real wolf. He was charging me all the time during the tournament.

Could you point out one or two of your games? Which was the most interesting one? Or the most difficult?

It’s tough to point out something because I had to get over myself to succeed in the tournament. I have an experience of participating in such tournaments but I have played for myself there.

I was a “visitor” in the first games and Artem warned me that connection could be unstable and that’s what happened. I have had an easy win over Topilskiy from Cosmos in the first game so I relaxed a little. But then I lost to Vtorushin and I suppose this match was the most difficult as a game itself and from psychological angle it was hard either. Unstable connection hasn’t let me finish my moments, I have been mad about it, this entailed even more mistakes, and so I lost 3:1. Thanks to Artem, he calmed me down and claimed that they won’t have any chances when we will play “at home”.

Also I remember visiting games of Matchday 3 against Nikita Jelagovs and I’d like to forget it, to be honest. Rotten luck and lose 4:0, I haven’t deserved it, but I accepted it and kept preparing for the next games. I think it would be much interesting to play with Artem Komashko live, I’m sure it won’t be boring.

You took the first place in players standings, won the league with your club. How do you think, will your cyberfutsal success help you to get into the right space before the start of the real futsal season?

I don’t know if it helps but I haven’t played in futsal for a long time, apart from “kicking the ball in the courtyard”. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m satisfied with the tournament, all the guys were sociable and friendly, organizers were sympathetic, media coverage was great too. If I had a stable connection it would be a perfect. 

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