First results

As you know, the Baltic Futsal League holds its debut season in one round: eight teams will identify the winner and awardees in just seven rounds, three of which have already been played. This means that the equator is somewhere nearby and we can sum up the first results.
First of all the League ran confirming its importance by a rhythmic calendar and the desire of participants to play without compromise. Fans are gradually getting used to the new competition in the football calendar and vote for the League if not yet by feet (attendance is good but not everywhere) but by watching matches and highlights in social networks. A round figure of 100 thousand is the proof of this.
Secondly, we have real football in its futsal interpretation. Despite the decent difference in points between the emerging quartet of leaders and outsiders we can’t call the guys from Rezekne and Gargzhdai suppliers of points: everyone wants to beat everyone and does everything possible to win. The audience likes it, the organizers like it and it helps to see the prospect for further cooperation of the League with its current and potential partners.
Thirdly, the management team of the League clearly sees the directions for the growth of both sports and organizational components, as the clubs are already expressing interest in the development. Moreover, based on the experience of playing in the Baltic Futsal League, clubs themselves can make amendments and recommendations for the future regulations.
The sports results of three played rounds give a reason for the following scenario: most likely four teams -from Kaunas, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Riga -will compete for three sets of medals. Each team has its own trump cards; each has its own plan for the season and inner workings where ambitious coaches prepare something from their recipes. But! So far only two matches have taken place within the quartet of leaders, and both were very nervous. In the first round Vytis beat away Petrow from Riga with the score 7-4 not without the help of the Brazilian team, in the third round St. Petersburg AGIO FM also prevailed over Minskers in a penalty shootout.
We are waiting for progress from the young Estonian teams: both Cosmos and Narva started restructuring with the arrival of new coaches. As a rule it takes time to translate coaching efforts into results. Let’s see how long it will take them. But at times both teams are already showing great football. And the most successful ones also have breakdowns.
So there are four rounds ahead and if in the next one, which will be held on January 17-19, top four leaders can only strengthen their position, then starting from the 5th round there may be curious changes in the standings.