Interview Artem Komashko

The player of MFC “AGIO-FM” Artem Komashko told us about his impressions from the first match of his team in Baltic Futsal League. We’ll remind you that in away game “AGIO-FM” beat FC Cosmos from Tallinn with the score 3:1.

Moderator: Now we are talking with the player of “AGIO-FM” Artem Komashko.  Artem, first of all, I congratulate you on the first victory in the first round of Baltic Futsal League. What do you feel after the game?

AK.: Now I have serious feelings because the game was very energy-intensive. In fact, two very strong teams played. Thanks to Cosmos for its hospitality and to Baltic League in general. In this match we scored first. In such matches, when the opponents are equal, it is very important to score first, what we have done. Then maybe we could have doubled and tripled our goals, but it didn’t work. Then a very sticky game began, with mutual critical moments, I believe.  We managed with the implementation more and we won 3:1.

Moderator: Now you can tell what was in the locker room before the game. What instruction  did the coach give you?

AK.: The instruction was to play not at 100%, as always, but at 150%. Because it is the first match, we played for our country, the anthem, and so on. The first match must be won. Guys well done, they perceived the words of the coach correctly. I believe, everybody’s giving it their best shot at 150%. There is no forces at all, they’re all lying around, resting, thank God.

Moderator: Are you satisfied with the result 3:1?

AK.: Yes, victory is victory. That’s not what we’re going to get – 5:0, because  that team is very  strong. Now all are equal. One or two goals will decide everything. Thank God we won, well done. We did everything we could. 3:1. For today it means we are stronger, perhaps, by two goals.

Moderator: During the game there were some unrealized moments. What do you think the team lacked?

AK.: To be honest, the covering was a bit strange for me today. We were warned, after handball it is sticky. It was a bit hard to work with the ball. And we were asked by the coach to secure at the rear a little bit, to play more reliably. Perhaps because of this, we were a little slow with the ball and didn’t work very well in the end. And of course, there are some technical and tactical mistakes. Many didn’t reach the far goalpost, our coach told us this repeatedly. In the second half, we got there but  didn’t score yet.

Moderator: Well, probably the most difficult question. Soon there is the second round.  Which team don’t you want to play with?

AK: Oh well, everyone is afraid of the “Stolitsa”, but I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. I think here in the League really everyone can get “hooked” on points.  FK Vytis is not so terrible; it is absolutely possible to play with. We сan play with everyone, and everyone will bite, and everyone will take points from each other. There’s nothing and nobody to be afraid of. All teams are equal , I believe. Of course, the  home stands  help. But in general there will be such serious battles, because  there are no weak teams.

Moderator: Artem Komashko, “AGIO-FM” team, thank you very much and once again my congratulation on your victory!