Interview Medvedev

Andrey Medvedev, general manager of FC Stalitsa, about the importance of Baltic Futsal League.

Moderator: From the point of view of the manager, how much have you already felt the level of  Baltic Futsal League? Not just in terms of futsal, but in terms of product?

AM: At that moment Baltic League  makes its first step only. We really liked the organization, we really liked the communication with the team from the League. At the same time, I believe that we have a lot to do together. But from the point of view of the tournament, from the point of view of the product for the Baltic region, and perhaps next year a little wider, I think the presence of such a tournament is simply necessary for the promotion of our sport. Since we are all together really interested  in promoting futsal in order to attract partners, fans and launch a commercial flywheel.

Moderator: Where do you see yourself? How promising is it for you to visit different countries that are part of the League from the point of view of the club’s development?

AM: There are two main points for the club. First, we are promoting futsal, we are promoting the name of our club. Secondly in any case it is the experience for our players, the experience of international games, which can be a decisive factor in some matches as practice shows.

Moderator: How convenient is the start of matches at 13.00 for the fans, how do you think as a manager?

AM: We carried out certain statistics on the matches of the Republic of Belarus. The optimal time for fans is either Monday night or at 13-14 o’clock on Saturday   if it’s a weekend. Today, unfortunately, there were not very many fans, but this is due to the fact that “Stolitsa” is playing in the Champions League now; and the team played in Italy, there was a lot of futsal events. So people take a little pause. I hope that at the next match we will have more fans, if not a full house, it is clear that it is difficult to fill such a stadium, but about fifteen hundred. So we expect.

Moderator: Andrey, my last question:  from the point of view of your professionalism as a club in the organization of the competition, what are you most proud of and could pass on to both the League itself and the clubs that participate in the tournament?

AM: Probably the most important thing I would like to note is that we have a team. And  we have a team of volunteers, which is attracted not due to any financial motivation, but primarily due to the love of football. At the same time, these people are each professional in their own direction. In addition, we have already a certain methodology how to organize the match. We have timings patterns for each game day, as we did for the Champions League. Every person knows exactly when and what he should do. These are the main points that we are ready to share, including our competencies. That is, we are ready to become consultants or assistants in the organization of matches.

Moderator: Thank you very much, good luck and advancement!m