Interview Beto

One of the leaders of “Stalitsa” Beto shared his impressions about start in the Baltic Futsal League. Also he stated that he has never heard of Gargzdu Pramogos.

  • I am very happy, my team played very good, had good moments and got a win. Also I’m happy to play in new competition with new teams and new countries. 


  • Did you see other teams on the first round?
  • To be honest, I don’t know team who was our rival today. Before the match I thought we would play with team from Slovenia not Lithuania.
  • You gonna play in the Champions League. Do you think it’s much better level?
  • Now it’s very-very hard to play at this level. All three teams have good players, they are champions of Spain, champions of Czech Republic, champions of Ukraine. It will be very hard to play with them but “Stolitsa” will play at home with the support of our fans so I think it’s very good moment.