Interview Boriss Shipunov

Moderator: Boriss Shipunov, Director of Baltic Futsal League, is with us today. Boriss, congratulations on the start of a remarkable international project! Of course, many hopes for the development of futsal are associated with  BFL. Everyone in Riga was expecting the start of the League and we are very grateful that the city of Riga was chosen for the start.

B.S.: Many thanks for such kind words. For the starting point of Baltic Futsal League, Riga was chosen not by chance because, if not a decade, then exactly the last five years, Latvia is the leader of futsal development in our Baltic region. Of course, Lithuanian FC Vytis picks up the baton actively and in the battles of BFL we will determine who is the leader at present.

Moderator: Lithuanians have Brazilians.

B.S:  Brazilians are good, but I think there are local players who are ready to impose a fight and take away their championship laurels.

Moderator: The Project is complex, bulky, a lot of technical innovations. In general, is everything good organizationally and technically?

B.S: We are  young but ambitious League. We try not only to interact with the clubs and advise them (what is one of the goals of the League), but we also learn. We try, we like something, somewhere we see what we can add and improve. For a starting point, I think we started well. But, as we say, there is no limit to perfection.

Moderator: Boriss, do you remember that several stages of  Eremenko Cup were held in Riga? There was a global Russian tournament. It was also difficult  technically. Do you understand the situation that it is possible to intercept this baton?

B.S.: First of all, of course, Eremenko Cup is a wonderful event in the life of futsal and mini-football. I sincerely believe and hope that this tournament will take place more than once. We don’t set a goal to compete with someone and prove something. Only in joint hard work and cooperation we can develop this discipline. Therefore, I hope that Baltic Futsal League will become a good, recognizable and favorite tournament along with other serious and exciting competitions in this sport.

Moderator: Boriss, is lineup a predetermined format?

B.S.: the format of the tournament is a proper system of the championship. These are away matches, not the format of mini-tournaments because it is difficult from the point of view of attracting partners. Thus eight teams is the optimal number of participants for the first season. I won’t get ahead of myself, it will be announced additionally, but work has already begun on recruiting participants for the next season. It will be with more participants, more matches, and I think the competitive part will only benefit from this.

Moderator: Thank you for the interview and good luck! Tomorrow you’ll have the next match.  Baltic Futsal League is seven stages, so we are waiting to continue and watch the tournament closely .

B.S.: Thank you very much! We are waiting for everyone at the League matches, at the TV screens and in the stands! Support your teams and love futsal! Thank you!