Interview Bystrov

Moderator: Stanislav Bystrov, the captain of the team Narva United. Stanislav, a major defeat, why?SB: The team is obviously better, their level is higher, but we fought, tried our best, scored three goals. It’s a pity that we missed so much, but it means nothing, we will work. We still have games ahead, we’ll please you.

Moderator: Maybe you should have switched to the game in unequal squads a little earlier?

SB: Perhaps, but we didn’t have a coach today, he is away. So it turned out the way it did.

Moderator: What are the goals and objectives of your team in this tournament?

SB: The goal is to meet strong opponents and bring them to Narva. We have a good audience, a lot of people. So it will be cool, come to us.  I invite you to Narva!

Moderator: Thank you very much! Good luck in the next duels!