Interview Dmitriyev

Moderator: Alexander Dmitriev, Manager of Narva United team will sum up the results of today’s match. Alexander, what do you say, how do you like the atmosphere at Nova Arena in St. Petersburg?

A.D.: Yes, it’s a cool arena, a cool atmosphere, a lot of fans, I am glad that there is a lot of children. In fact the holiday atmosphere is cool, thank you!

Moderator: What is the mood in the team despite the major defeat?

A.D.: in principle, we had a good second half. We were pleased with ourselves when we came out of the locker room. In the first half we didn’t wake up from the road obviously. Apparently the absence of the coach, Mikhail Romanov, also affected. It is still difficult for us to play without him. In general in the second half you can put a solid four for our team.

Moderator: And you should say a few words about Alexander Mironov. He was absent today, it is also, of course, a significant loss for your team.

A.D: Yeah, that’s right. If he was the best player in the first round of Baltic Futsal League, then this is a significant loss. Alexander together with Mikhail is in Sochi now at the Russian 8×8 championship. But we have nothing to regret, we watched our guys in action, how we can play, compared the level of our team with the level of “AGIO-FM”. It is clear that there is a difference, we have a lot to work on.  In general we will draw conclusions and grow. I hope all these international matches will help us in the Estonian championship, in our local matches.

Moderator: Eduard Bader didn’t look so active today. He is also well known to the St. Petersburg audience. Today he hasn’t managed to hit someone else’s gates, but at least he scored at his gate.

A.D.: Yes, we told him that he should not leave without a goal. He couldn’t do it and he scored in his own, Actually  Edik well done. He played three seasons ago in the Estonian championship for us and helped us, he was the champion of Estonia, And so we are well acquainted, often we perform together at various tournaments. He helped us a lot today, thank you very much.

Moderator: Alexander, thank you very much. Good luck in the next matches!