Interview Gritsyna

Moderator: The author of hat-trick in today’s game Mikhail Gritsyna from  “Stolitsa “is with me today. We heard you missed quite a bit of time. I’m sure you’re happy with what you’ve shown. So let’s move on to the team’s game a little bit.

M.G.: Yes, I am satisfied, I got back to the playground. We managed to play a productive match. I think it’s a good tournament. After my injury the game will help me to get in shape for the Champions League faster. In general, the match was good for the audience, there was a lot of goals, a great atmosphere. it’s perfect!

Moderator: You have a lot of experience in different leagues. Tell me, have you already felt, not even from the point of view of futsal,  but the atmosphere itself, what   Baltic Futsal League is?

M.G.: Yes, everything is well organized, the picture looks on television. Everything is at the highest level, very good.

Moderator: What do you plan personally for the Champions League?

M.G.: As far as this tournament and the games in the future is concerned, we are purposefully preparing for the Champions League games. The first task is to play our own schemes, standards, way outs from under pressure, different tactical schemes. But no one canceled the result either!

Moderator: And the last question:  I’d like to ask you to wish our fans something, namely Baltic League fans.

M.G.: I wish the fans more spectacular games, matches, beautiful goals, good atmosphere. Let people relax and enjoy futsal !

Moderator: Thank you very much!