Interview Krasiy

The head coach of the Lithuanian FK Vytis Kirill Krasiy shared his impressions about the home victory over TFK Rezekne from Latvia in the second round of Baltic Futsal League.

Moderator: It’s a victory. What are your impressions of this game?

K.K.: Impressions are only positive, the task was to win. I want to thank the TFK Rezekne team for a decent game today. It turns out that there should be four calendar games within nine days. Therefore, we didn’t want to give all the best, but we had to work hard to achieve the result.

Moderator: What were the main aspects for this victory: tactics or experience? Since TFK Rezekne is a fairly young team, you have more experience. What was the most important factor?

K.K: The most important factor was to fulfill the setup that we had for the game and, in principle, the guys coped with it. In defense we played simpler somewhere, there were no special moments. Therefore, we achieved results.

Moderator: Thank you! Good luck!