Interview Lvov

Moderator: Oleg Lvov, head coach of the team AGIO FM. Oleg Yurievich, the score 10: 3 is on the scoreboard. Are you happy with that?

O.L.: No, I’m not happy, we missed three.

Moderator: The meeting with “Stalitsa” is ahead. There are a lot of players from the national team in it.  What can you say about this fight? How will you adjust?

O.L.: We are preparing. It is still unclear what the lineup is. Perhaps, it’s the most serious opponent, therefore many things depend on the squad.

Moderator: What chances of your team do you see against “Stalitsa”? How to play?

O.L.: It’s a good defense, but we will score anyway.

Moderator: In today’s game what are you not satisfied with? Was it a game in unequal squads? You dropped the ball twice.

O.L.: We missed one ball in the unequal squads. There were two counterattacks, not finalized. Now there is a mixture of two teams, so the guys don’t fully understand what I want them to do, and what they want from me.

Moderator: One more question. What are the goals of AGIO FM in this tournament?

O.L.: AGIO FM has always one task — to win.

Moderator: Thank you very much! With the victory!